We are so excited to announce that after years of prayers and dedicated action DIPG is now FDA approved!

We want to extend our gratitude to the incredible work of the Beat Childhood Cancer Research Consortium, Dr. Sholler, and Beat Childhood Cancer and everyones donations, prayers and support. For those that don’t know IWILFIN is a drug used to reduce the risk of relapse for high-risk neuroblastoma patients. Sholler lead the clinical trials and Beat Childhood Cancer backed the funding.

IWILFIN is only the 7th FDA drug approved for childhood cancer. With the use of this drug high-risk neuroblastoma patients have a reduced risk of relapse by more than 50%. Dr. Sholler conducts her work with a high level of integrity, and her insistence that a randomized trial not be necessary to prove the success of DFMO stands out to us. Sholler strongly believed “A better way [to present the data] that would keep kids from going through the horror of a relapse just t prove that DFMO works better than the placebo.

There are so many reasons we love Dr. Sholler and this incredible achievement is a testament to decades of dedication to making kids well.

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